Susan Lumsden

Associate Inspector - Corporate Communications and Media Liaison

With a background in journalism, Susan has wide and varied policing and media experience having joined the media department of Grampian Police in 2005. Moving to Lothian and Borders Police three years later, where she ultimately was head of department, Susan led on all external and internal communications; worked closely with national and local government partners; trained, planned for and took the strategic co-ordination media lead during major incidents; developed major incident protocols and provided communications advice and training to officers of all ranks.

Prior to joining HMICS in 2014, Susan was responsible on behalf of Police Scotland for all police media engagement in an area encompassing Edinburgh City, Lothian and Borders, Fife and Central Scotland the Corporate Communications. She ensures co-ordination, provides guidance and delivery of effective, accurate information about the role and work of HMICS to partners, public and the media.

Susan rejoined HMICS in March 2020.