Assurance Review of Police Scotland’s Counter Corruption Unit (2016) Progress Review

13 September 2018

On 27 June 2016, HMICS published its independent assurance review of Police Scotland’s Counter Corruption Unit (CCU) which contained thirty-nine recommendations, covering various aspects of CCU activity, processes and governance. Our findings and the current status of each of the recommendations are contained within this progress review and should be read in conjunction with the original report.

Since publication of our assurance review (HMICS, 2016) Police Scotland has taken comprehensive steps to address the recommendations ensuring that anti-corruption practices are considered in terms of the regulatory framework, are proportionate, necessary and are subject of appropriate governance and oversight.

Police Scotland has made considerable progress with twenty-nine recommendations  fully met and closed with ten recommendations partially met.

HMICS is reassured by the progress review that the restructured Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), (formerly known as the Counter Corruption Unit) is now refocused and more importantly its working practices no longer reflect those reported on by HMICS in 2016.

Publication type: 
Inspection report