HMICS Assurance validation of Police Scotland transformation benefits 2020-21

19 November 2021

The aim of this assurance work was to assess the extent to which benefits from programmes and projects across the transformation portfolio of Police Scotland were being documented, monitored and reported.

This benefit validation assurance process followed the same approach as used in its previous validation report and, where necessary, referenced the same Police Scotland strategies, frameworks and project documentation that supports benefits delivery. HMICS is satisfied that Police Scotland continues to apply a consistent approach to the calculation and representation of productivity and capacity gains.

HMICS reviewed all transformation portfolio projects which delivered gains in 2020-21. It considered the projects against the benefits management and oversight environment in place throughout 2020-21. HMICS also reconsidered the validation of the Contact Assessment Model (CAM) project for which there had been insufficient evidence to support its validation in its 2019-20 review.

HMICS is satisfied that Police Scotland is delivering FTE (full time equivalent) productivity gains, however the accurate quantification or realisation of those gains has proved difficult to confirm to date. Similarly, the way in which Police Scotland deploys those FTE gains to maximise the impact of the investment needs further exploration. Police Scotland has taken steps to bring more rigorous governance to the deployment of FTE gains but this and the accurate quantification issue are areas that the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) should explore further with Police Scotland to satisfy itself that the investment in the business cases they have approved is delivering the expected benefits and specifically how these are improving the performance of policing service delivery.

HMICS will continue to monitor and assure the overall portfolio approach and management to transformation and change.

Publication type: 
Inspection report