HMICS Custody inspection framework

07 November 2019

HMICS inspections are based on an inspection framework which ensures a consistent and objective approach to our work. The framework consists of six themes:

  • Outcomes
  • Leadership and governance
  • Planning and process
  • People
  • Resources
  • Partnerships

Each theme is supported by a range of indicators setting out what we expect to find during our inspections. In relation to custody inspections, our ‘outcomes’ theme features additional indicators specific to custody. These focus on the treatment of and conditions for detainees. When we conduct thematic inspections of custody, we gather evidence against all six themes. Inspections of custody centres which take place during our Local Policing+ Inspection Programme are primarily focused on the custody-specific outcomes rather than the broader HMICS framework. However we will also comment on the other themes from our framework where appropriate.

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