Inspection of custody centres in Greater Glasgow Division

12 June 2019

The aim of this inspection was to assess the treatment of and conditions for those detained in police custody centres located in Greater Glasgow Division. The division is served by four primary centres at Aikenhead Road, Govan, London Road and Stewart Street, and an ancillary centre at Baird Street. The inspection was linked to our review of local policing in Greater Glasgow Division, published in March 2019.

Our inspections of police custody contribute to the United Kingdom’s response to its international obligations under the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (OPCAT). OPCAT requires that all places of detention are visited regularly by a National Preventive Mechanism (NPM), an independent body or group of bodies which monitor the treatment of and conditions for detainees. HMICS is one of several bodies making up the NPM in the UK.




Police Scotland should reconsider how it can better manage custody queue levels and provide radios to large custody centres to improve communication inside the centre and with local policing.


Police Scotland should ensure that the content of Prisoner Escort Records is reviewed shortly prior to detainees’ release from police custody so that all relevant information about their time in custody is included.


Police Scotland should analyse risk assessment and care planning variances to check whether they are justified and to ensure a consistent approach across Scotland.


Police Scotland should ensure that ancillary centres are visited at least twice a year and reviewed for suitability ensuring everything present is up to date including posters, guidance, supplies and consumables.


Police Scotland should improve the adequacy and quality of information being recorded in custody by providing guidance and training to staff and by using quality assurance and audit processes.

Publication type: 
Inspection report