Local Policing+ Inspection Programme Inspection of Greater Glasgow Division

21 March 2019

This inspection assesses the state, efficiency and effectiveness of local policing in Greater Glasgow Division, covering Glasgow City, East Dunbartonshire and East Renfrewshire local authority areas.
Greater Glasgow Division is the seventh division to be inspected under our Local Policing+ inspection programme. In keeping with the approach we took to reporting on local policing last year, this report highlights examples of effective practice, areas for improvement, emerging issues and new developments within the service, rather than commenting on every aspect of local policing we examined.




Police Scotland should prioritise the advancement of a new performance framework with clearly defined outcomes and associated qualitative and quantitative performance measures.


Police Scotland should clarify for partners, officers and staff what the police position is regarding referrals to victim support services and other third sector organisations.


Police Scotland should outline its expectations for officers and staff in terms of attending calls relating to vulnerability including mental health and medical calls.


Police Scotland should review the number of police plans relevant to local policing divisions, and consider if there is opportunity to reduce duplication and simplify the content to make them more accessible to officers and staff


Police Scotland should review the consultation and engagement process undertaken by central functions in order to reduce silo working and to understand the demand being placed upon local policing by new policy and practices.


Police Scotland and Greater Glasgow Division should review stop and search processes to identify any efficiencies whilst retaining robust governance. Officers should be provided with clarity as to the lack of correlation between stop and search activity and complaints.


Police Scotland should expedite the provision of demand analysis products to divisions in order that resources may be deployed most effectively.


Police Scotland and Greater Glasgow Division should consider ways to enhance the status and working environment of frontline officers, paying particular attention to staff development.


Police Scotland and Greater Glasgow Division should consider command resilience in the division


Police Scotland and Greater Glasgow Division should ensure there is a renewed focus regarding the recruitment and retention of special constables.


Police Scotland and Greater Glasgow Division should carry out an evaluation of the campus officer role and consider extending the concept across Scotland.

Publication type: 
Inspection report