Local Policing+ Inspection of the Resourcing of Events

08 May 2019

This inspection was carried out alongside the wider inspection of local policing in Greater Glasgow Division conducted in 2018 and published in March 2019.
The aim of this inspection was to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the way in which Police Scotland resources events, by examining how the process works in Greater Glasgow Division. The subject of events resourcing was raised as an issue by officers and staff in previous inspections. Divisional Commanders from across Scotland also identified it as a concern when we carried out engagement interviews in December 2017.




Police Scotland should simplify the resourcing of events across Scotland by creating consistent national processes, structures and roles.


Police Scotland should revisit and if appropriate reprioritise the improvement of the Scope system to ensure it facilitates efficient resourcing of events.


Police Scotland should introduce a robust method for recording the full impact of events on policing, including a post event review of the resource deployed to determine if it was proportionate and necessary.


Police Scotland should develop a framework or means of guidance for event commanders regarding the level of resource required and a means of considering the risks to the wider policing environment.


Police Scotland should update the Standard Operating Procedures in relation to ‘Event Notification and Classification’ and ‘Cost Recovery’.


Police Scotland should review event classifications to ensure there is national consistency.


Police Scotland should consider a central point for the notification and classification of events so that a national overview may be applied.


Police Scotland should progress demand analysis products to ensure that there is a consistent understanding of demand to inform the resourcing of events.


Police Scotland should review the criteria and guidance as to which events are classified as national or divisional.


Police Scotland should devise an approach to identify resources from divisions based on a holistic assessment of risk and demand on divisions at the material time.


Police Scotland should remove the regional resourcing model to find a more effective way to identify resource and rationalise the varying processes to ensure the most appropriate resource is allocated to the event.


Police Scotland should work with the Scottish Police Federation to agree national guidelines relating to officer deployment at events.


Police Scotland should carry out a comprehensive examination of all additional officers and staff who should be added into the deployment pool for events to reduce the impact on officers within local policing divisions.


Police Scotland should review whether event commanders and event planners would benefit from continuous professional development or refresher training to maintain up to date skills and knowledge and promote a consistent approach across Scotland to the resourcing of events.


Police Scotland should develop a central point for cost recovery, including review, application and audit which would provide consistency across Scotland.

Publication type: 
Inspection report