Progress against Recommendations and Improvement Actions

17 December 2015

HMICS has wide ranging powers to look into the 'state, effectiveness and efficiency' of both the Police Service of Scotland (Police Scotland) and the Scottish Police Authority (SPA).

When we publish a report, the SPA and the Chief Constable must consider what we have found and take such measures, if any, as they see fit.

Where we make recommendations we will follow them up and report publically on progress.

The scrutinised bodies provide us with updates covering recommendations and improvement actions which we consider and as appropriate discharge upon suitable evidence being provided. The discharged recommendations and improvement actions are attached below.

We have also initiated a project to develop a shared outcome focus with Police Scotland and the SPA which will complement the formal discharge of recommendations by analysing the contribution of work done on recommendations to achieving desired national and local outcomes on a short, medium and longer term basis.

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HMICS Corporate document