HMICS Publishes Local Policing+ Inspection of Police Scotland’s Resourcing of Events

08 May 2019

Police Scotland has a proven track record of ensuring public events are safe, with minimal disorder, despite inconsistencies across the country in how they are managed and resourced.

A report published today by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate in Scotland (HMICS), highlights issues including the allocation of resources, training, cost recovery and variations in planning, which Police Scotland should address.

HMICS undertook the Local Policing + Inspection of the Resourcing of Events following concern from officers and staff about the volume of events and the associated consequences for their local communities.

HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Mrs Gill Imery QPM, said: “Over 6600 events were on Police Scotland’s events calendar for 2018 and while they were delivered safely, it is less clear what impact their resourcing had on other aspects of policing in the area in which they were held and across Scotland.

“The resourcing of events is complex and different processes and procedures for identifying officers and staff are being used throughout Scotland which impacts on efficient and effective resourcing of events.

“We have made recommendations for Police Scotland which, once implemented, will allow the service to develop its processes regarding the resourcing of events, ensuring they continue to be policed safely whilst reducing the impact on officers, staff and local communities.”

HMICS found confusion and inefficiency had been caused by inconsistencies in the methods used to allocate officers and staff to events, resulting in the most appropriate resource not always being identified. Debriefs take place post events but they do not routinely consider whether the type and number of resources provided was proportionate.

Police Scotland will be asked to create an action plan to address the recommendations contained within the report.

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