Get involved

We exist to assure the people of Scotland as to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Scottish Police Authority and the Police Service in Scotland.  Involvement, engagement and consultation are crucial to our work.  We want to ensure our reports, findings and recommendations are widely accessible and take steps to promote opportunities for users of policing services to engage with us. 

Our definition of 'users of policing services' is wide-ranging and includes persons who will or may use policing services in the future, persons who act on behalf of others in respect of whom policing services are provided, and other persons with a direct interest in, or directly affected by (i) the provision of policing services, or (ii) the scrutiny of policing services or the person, body or office holder providing it.

View our user involvement strategy which highlights the steps that we are taking to improve our user focus. 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions in relation to our work.

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