HMICS Custody Inspection Report – Tayside

20 July 2023

The aim of this inspection, undertaken jointly by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), was to assess the treatment of, and conditions for, individuals detained in the primary police custody centre at Dundee, which serves Tayside.

This is the second joint custody inspection undertaken by the scrutiny bodies. The report provides a detailed analysis of the provision of healthcare at the custody centre and outlines information relevant to the efficiency and effectiveness of custody centre operations. It makes recommendations for both Police Scotland and the Health and Social Care Partnership responsible for the provision of healthcare at the custody centre.

The report outlines key findings that describe positive practice that we found during our inspection and makes recommendations that aim to improve custody services and the provision of healthcare in order to achieve better outcomes for people in police custody.




Police Scotland should review and amend booking-in processes and facilities at Dundee custody centre to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.


Police Scotland should ensure that clear lines of accountability are defined and stipulated for custody supervisors in the event of an adverse incident resulting in serious harm to a detainee.


Police Scotland should ensure that the recording of strip searches at Dundee custody centre provides an accurate reflection of practice.


Angus HSCP should ensure that healthcare staff working within custody centres are trained in relevant human rights protocols.


Angus HSCP should ensure that written care plans are provided to the custody centre, which include information on the outcome of the healthcare referral and any relevant intervention.


Angus HSCP should ensure that staff follow national guidance for cleaning sanitary fittings in accordance with national infection control guidance.


Angus HSCP should review the pathway for secondary mental health assessments with partner organisations to ensure that adequate arrangements are in place.


Police Scotland should collaborate with healthcare providers to ensure that relevant health related information is recorded on detainee’s escort records.

Publication type: 
Inspection report