HMICS Frontline Focus - Wellbeing

11 April 2024

The aim of this inspection was to engage directly with frontline officers and staff to identify the issues they consider impact their wellbeing and assess their awareness of wellbeing provision in Police Scotland.

The inspection also considered the approach taken by Police Scotland comparable to professional guidance.

Following the publication of the HMICS Scrutiny Plan 2022-25, HMICS committed to conducting a series of strategic reviews, focusing on the frontline, with the purpose of identifying issues and providing recommendations to drive improvement.

Wellbeing was selected as the first review of this nature, given its significant priority to Police Scotland and its impact on officers and staff.

The inspection report contains seven recommendations and areas for development which are intended to enable Police Scotland to focus on wellbeing provision, through an improved understanding of the factors which officers and staff considered most impactive.

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Police Scotland should develop a wellbeing plan that has appropriate governance, structure and activity, reflecting the People Strategy, and delivered equitably across the organisation.


Police Scotland should implement effective actions to understand and address organisational stressors, including those caused by perceived unfairness in application of process/procedures.


Police Scotland should demonstrate flexibility in the deployment of resources across the entire organisation to reduce the impact of low resourcing levels on the wellbeing of frontline officers and staff.


Police Scotland should ensure that its Estates Strategy promotes parity and ensures an appropriate standard of facilities are provided across its estate.


Police Scotland should conduct wellbeing impact assessments when developing new and existing strategies, policies and procedures.


Police Scotland should ensure that wellbeing training is provided to all line managers to ensure a supportive, proactive and preventative approach. Existing training should be reviewed and amended to reflect the new People Strategy.


Police Scotland should promote a culture and embed a process of carrying out and evidencing frequent conversations with line managers, which includes a discussion on wellbeing.

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Inspection report