Our Inspection Framework

Our approach to inspection is supported by an Inspection Framework which provides structure to our activities and the means to consistently and objectively assess policing in Scotland. The purpose of this framework is to support HMICS when conducting inspections and while each inspection may vary in subject matter and scope, this framework provides a structure within which we can ensure a consistent and professional approach. We also hope the framework helps inspected bodies, stakeholders and the public to know what to expect from HMICS.

The framework is based on the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model (Revised 2nd Edition) and Best Value Characteristics. These self-evaluation models are used in many public sector settings. They are at the core of this HMICS Inspection Framework, however, they have been simplified and altered to provide a high-level inspection framework model to assist in the inspection of elements of policing, or the Scottish Police Authority (SPA). The framework will also assist in identifying areas of good or poor performance and in establishing priorities for improvement.

There are three overarching themes which link to quality indicators that we use to assess the organisation or service area we inspect. The overarching themes are:

  • Outcomes
  • Delivery
  • Leadership and vision

HMICS Inspection Framework 2023

In 2014, HMICS published its first Inspection Framework. This version is our third iteration of that framework, reflecting our regular review process to continually improve our approach. 

We also have a separate custody inspection framework which is currently under review with publication in due by the end of April 2023.