HMICS Thematic inspection of road policing in Scotland – Terms of Reference

29 January 2024

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) has committed to a thematic inspection of Operational Support Division (OSD) during the period of our Scrutiny Plan 2022-2025. OSD is a national division within Police Scotland that provides a number of different specialist services across the country.

Before publishing our scrutiny plan, we conducted a consultation and engaged in discussion with key stakeholders and partners. The main themes that emerged during our scrutiny planning consultation were road policing, air support and armed policing. During the scoping for this inspection, it became apparent that it would be beneficial to adopt a phased approach. The first phase of our inspection will focus on road policing.

Road policing services across Scotland are delivered by local policing officers, and by officers and staff from the road policing department. The road policing department is part of OSD and provides a wide range of specialist road policing functions across Scotland.

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Terms of Reference